Just Business™ is a turbulently fast-paced set collection card game with competitive & addicting game play… It’s nothing personal… Get in on the action and start playing like a tabletop card game gangster!

Welcome to the criminal underworld of Capital City! The goal of the game is to cleverly coerce and outwit all other players (*gangsters) by strategically playing cards from your hand to the table in aiding your set collecting of illicit businesses a.k.a. ‘Rackets. Win by being the first player to achieve four unique Full Sets of Racket cards. Both luck and strategy are factors in winning the game. It can even get a little ruthless, but remember:

it’s nothing personal…”

In order to know where a card can be placed, there are three distinct symbols that show where each card can be placed on the table. Some cards have more than one of these symbols represented on them.

  • The THREE areas you can place your cards.
  • Racket & Protection Cards.
  • Any card with a Cash Value can be placed here.
  • For the nefarious Action cards.